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Sunglasses for Running

Wearing Sunglasses for Running is a Bright Idea

Do you wear sunglasses when you’re running? If not you really do need to start. they really are a must. Whether you run competitively or simply to keep your fitness levels up a bit. Don’t be fooled by cloud cover on an overcast day UV can still get through. Just because you’re not experiencing the discomfort of glare, doesn’t mean your eyes are safe. Even during dull cloudy days your eyes are vulnerable to the harmful high energy light from the sun. If you put your sunglasses on, every time you are outside running you’re eyes will be better protected.

Technology in Action

Sun protection is your number one priority and all Bigatmo sun-lenses guarantee the protection you require. Whether you need prescription sunglasses or not, we have a superb selection for you to choose from.

A good pair of Sunglasses Should:

  • Be fitted with good quality lenses
  • Ensure high definition clarity and colour acuity even in high contrast environments
  • Provide good glare protection to keep your eyes relaxed
  • Protect your eyes from Debris and Dust
  • Have a high level of comfort and proper frame fit
  • Provide certified protection from UV and other harmful high energy light
A man in the countryside wearing Bigatmo photochromic sunglasses

Why Choose Bigatmo Sunglasses for running?

Performance and Comfort

All of our sunglasses are made to an exceptionally high technical standard. Every element being honed for performance and comfort. Read on to learn more….

Luke Ashton Ultra Marathon Runner Reviews Bigatmo Meso

Computer aided design for Bigatmo sunglasses

Bigatmo's non- Slip Frames

Snug Fitting Frames

It’s important to be as comfortable as possible when running. The items you wear must enhance your performance and not hinder you by rubbing, slipping or chaffing.

Wrapped and Lightweight

Bigatmo sunglasses are designed to be very light weight (just 20g in total) and are wrapped to curve around your face providing excellent light exclusion. The temples are sculpted to follow the curvature of your head. They apply just the correct amount of pressure to be secure and stay in place. The temples are so slim they are still comfortable with headgear and/or earphones for example. The nose-pads are adjustable so you can create your own perfect fit.

Enhanced Peripheral Vision

As the frames are very thin peripheral vision is excellent, helping you to assess what hazards may be around you, i.e. other runners or vehicles on a road perhaps.

More Info on Frames

You could have the best lenses in the world, but if your frame isn’t up to the job regards comfort and fit you probably won’t wear it. That’s why we take the development and design of our frames so seriously. We want the frame to be so comfortable you forget your wearing it!

So what about the lenses…..


Bigatmo Alutra trivex NXT photochromic lens

Trivex NXT Lens Technology

High Performance Lens Material

NXT®/Trivex® is an exceptionally high performance lens material:

This is the core material of all Bigatmo sports sun-lenses and it is renowned as the best lens material for performance sunglasses. NXT® was formulated in the early 1990’s for the wind-shields of a new generation attack helicopters. The new material needed to be bulletproof, lightweight and optically superior. This advanced technology combined with Bigatmo’s lens tints ensure:

  • Superior lens clarity  – Clear crisp vision
  • Lightweight full sun protection –Better protection for your vision
  • Enhance true colour perception –Vivid image
  • Improved contrast perception –Improved depth perception
  • and is exceptionally strong-Better impact protection

More Info on NXT/Trivex®


Picture of Bigatmo lens showing the anti- reflective coating layer

The Importance of Good Quality Lens Coatings

Enhance Lens Performance

Different lens coatings perform different functions and they have been developed to enhance and improve the experience for the user. Most sunglasses have no coatings, apart from perhaps a hard coat and possibly a mirror. Lens coatings vary considerably in quality and the technology used to create them. We believe that to make the best lenses you need to use the best coatings technology currently available.


  • industry leading anti-reflective – No reflected images in back of lens (e.g.lashes)
  • Anti- Static, Anti- Scratch – All Bigatmo lenses incorporate high quality anti-static and anti-scratch Quarz® layers. This provides superior scratch resistance which helps to make Bigatmo sunglasses extremely durable and long lasting.
  • Oleo-phobic coatings – Easier to clean, stay cleaner for longer  
  • Multi-layer dielectic mirror coatings (optional) – They don’t interfere with any of the lens properties and provide a light, subtle finish to your sunglasses.                              

Lens Types and Choices for Running

Importance of Lens Choice

So what should you think about when you’re considering lenses or sunglasses for running?

Really it’s a matter of personal choice but it helps to know how the lenses may subtly differ from each other.

It’s our belief, if the lenses you choose combine superior UV protection, optical and colour acuity properties, then they will perform well in the vast majority of environments. All of our lenses have been optimised for high contrast environments so they perform exceptionally well across a wide range of activities including running. You’ll probably find that you choose them for running and then continue to wear them because, they perform so well and they’re so comfortable you’ll forget you’ve got them  on.

Copper/ Brown Photochromic Lenses

Being that you’re outside the weather may vary considerably and this is an ideal time to wear a photochromic lens which will change according to UV levels, keeping your eyes relaxed and more comfortable. This would perform as well in a wooded area for instance with dappled shade as it would on a beach in piercingly bright sunshine. For a non-polarized lens it deals with glare very well.

Handling contrast effectively is particularly important when running as it helps to enhance your ability to see the contours and possible dangers in the ground that you’re running on. The copper/ brown tint on our Alutra lens is especially good for enhancing contrast so is definitely one to consider…

Grey HCNB (High Contrast Narrow Band) Lenses

Some people think grey isn’t the best colour for a lens because it can simply dampen colour perception. However all of our lenses are technically advanced  and specially tuned to deal exceptionally well with high contrast whilst also having superior colour perception. For these reasons if you are drawn to a grey lens, ours perform better than you may expect.

Grey HCNB (High Contrast Narrow Band) Polarized Lenses

Some people love to use polarized lenses thinking they deal well with glare, which they do of course.

Most polarized lenses are polarized 100%. We feel it’s not necessarily a good thing as you can lose some essential subliminal information such as seeing ice on a path or oil on a road.

Bigatmo Zeolite Polarized lenses, on the other hand, are optimised to allow the wearer to absorb this valuable information whilst enjoying the benefits of polarization. They help to improve decision making and ensure that you don’t lose vital visual information.

A Taste of the View Through Each Lens Type

Bit More Info about The above Lens Types

Above are just a few suggestions and the mirror finishes are optional. Please take a look at the full collection here: Full Sunglasses Collection

If you would like to talk to one of us to help you with your decision or to answer any questions you may have please contact us: Email: [email protected]  or call: +44 (0)1622 844030 We are always happy to help you.