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Alutra Photochromic (Copper Brown) LensesAlutra lenses deliver a punchy view of the world with excellent vibrant colour acuity and high definition optics. The photochromic core is perfect for when you're out and about moving between sun and shade, and also allows you to comfortably read instrument panels in high contrast environments like the flight deck or when driving.

Zeolite (Grey) LensesZeolite lenses use advanced Light Management Technology to enhance colours by filtering out the wavelengths that fall between red, blue and green - the primary colours in which we see. Your eyes receive more specific colour information improving overall image sharpness and clarity.

Zeolite Polarized (Grey Polarized) LensesPolarized lenses have the same colour enhancing technology as our Zeolite lenses, together with a polarizing filter which dramatically reduces glare from roads, snow, sea and sand, revealing all kinds of hidden details and textures in High Definition.