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Sunglasses for Advanced Powered Paragliding

Powered Paragliding in Action

One of our customers who is into advanced powered paragliding, wrote to us about his experience with Bigatmo sunglasses here is what he wrote:

Strato sunglasses go advanced powered paragliding, with a backpack-engine it’s a challenging combination of physical action and mental performance.

Over the year you’re always confronted with changing environmental conditions that even your glasses have to manage perfectly for safe flights:

The range goes from a start run on a slightly foggy lawn over a bright winter morning sky, up to hill soaring at 30°C in sandy dune conditions in Namibia.

You need a pair of glasses that always remain in its position and ensure a clear view to your wing straight above, your instruments and everything around…


I never wear something that can compete against my Strato or Tropo that are fitted with the Zeolite and Alutra Photochromic lenses which I choose depending on the conditions. More Info about Lens Options

Man wearing Bigatmo sunglasses whilst power paragliding

Man wearing Bigatmo sunglasses whilst power paragliding

Technical Performance

For me they are “workhorses” where I expect technical performance as well as styling, pieces that you can wear behind the scenes for flying or on a promenade’s shopping tour:

They combine a clear modern design without a “bling-bling” that sometimes is too much for me.

My glasses were:

Natural Titanium Strato Frame with Zeolite Lens and Iridescent Blue Mirror Finish & Polished Titanium Tropo Frame with Alutra Photochromic Lens and Light Gold Mirror Finish.

by: Marco Böhnke


If you’d like to know a little bit more about the different types and tints of the lenses you’ll find more information here: A closer look at the lens options

If you’d like to get a feel for how it is to look through the various lenses go here:           Try the Lens Demo

Lens Technology

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