KIM Kardashian and Kanye West have sparked speculation they are set to welcome a third child through a surrogate.

But while the pair are yet to confirm or deny reports they shelled out around £89k to expand their family once more, it seems the Famous rapper has got a lot on his mind.

According to reports, the dad of two has been ‘dragging his heels’ over a deal for his Yeezy brand, that could net him a lot of money.

“Kanye has been dragging his heels on the next phase of his deal with Adidas [a contract that was renewed and expanded over a year ago], which would give him fully Kanye-branded storefronts in Adidas shops worldwide,” an insider reportedly told Radar Online.

“It would make him a billionaire in a few years, but for some reason he’s not even started work on it.

“Adidas has already experimented with transforming portions of their shops into 100% Yeezy merchandise, and it’s worked fine, but the plan to build entire storefronts around Kanye hasn’t come together yet, and that’s because Kanye is taking his time with it.”

Kris Jenner’s son-in-law has had a tough year, after he was taken to hospital after suffering with exhaustion.

We take a look inside Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s relationship amid split rumours

The 40 year old recently deactivated his Twitter and Instagram accounts, leading many to believe he had a new album on the way, following on from the success of The Life Of Pablo, back in 2016.

And the insider explained this could all be part of his delay with the new deal.

“There’s always a lot going out, but not much coming in when it comes to Kanye,” the source added. “But he’s too fragile still to address the problem.”

The reports come after rumours the rapper and his wife have found a surrogate to have their third child – after doctors advised Kim against getting pregnant naturally.

During a recent episode of their reality series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, the businesswoman’s sister, Khloe, “considered” taking the plunge for the couple after undergoing a fertility check.

In the season 13 finale of the show, she could be seen asking Kim: “How much money you paying me?” before adding: “To get fat, have your child then give it back to you?”

She continued: “I think I should say to my boyfriend [Tristan Thompaon] ‘I’m pregnant. But it’s not yours, and it’s not mine!’ People think we are so weird already, can you imagine?”


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