As schools prepare for the summer holidays, the ITV Daytime hosts revealed that the current episode would be their last before they went on their annual summer break.

Standing in the studio, Holly opened the show by welcoming everyone to the Friday episode before clarifying why she and Phil were in instead of the usual Friday hosts Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes.

“Phil and I aren’t usually here but it’s our last show before the summer break,” the TV presenter declared as Phil feigned shock.
Commenting on how lucky the hosts were to be going on a long break, one fan took to Twitter to express how envious they were of the pair.

“I want Holly and Phil’s job, go on tv and have a laugh 4/5 every week, eat a bit of food and meet celebs, then get 6 weeks off #ThisMorning,” they wrote.

While another added: “Holly & Phil get a nice 6 weeks summer break. Alright for some isn’t it! #ThisMorning.”

Expressing that they were going to miss Holly and Phil, a fan commented on the social networking site: “Going to miss @hollywills and @Schofe #ThisMorning.”

Meanwhile, others were more shocked to see the This Morning duo presenting the show at the end of the week.

“Not on this … Phil & Holly on #ThisMorning on a Friday got me confused, however, its a nice confusion because ….,” one account tweeted.

A user commented: “Thought it was Phil & Holly’s day off on a Friday? @thismorning #ThisMorning #WheresEamon&Ruth.”

“An absolute delight to see Holly and Phil hosting this morning, Happy Friday!! #ThisMorning,” added another.

While Phil and Holly might be off, the show will still continue with Ruth and Eamonn taking the presenting reigns for the summer.
This Morning continues on ITV, weekdays from 10.30am.


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